26 Inch Heavy Duty Motorized Bike Mag Wheel Set


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These alloy wheels are made for heavy driving. Constructed from durable alloy metal, there are no spokes to worry about other than 6 large fins that cut through the wind better than spoked wheels. Unlike traditional multi-piece bicycle hubs, these hubs consist of a set of bearings and a thick, sealed aluminum core. Since the hub consists of several parts, most wheels are easily damaged, but because these wheels have no spokes and a strong hub, there is no need to rebuild the wheel after long, high-speed rides.
* Tire Compatibility: 26?? x 1.5?? ?C 26?? x1.95?? tires with Schrader valves
* Brake Compatibility: Disc Brake and Caliper Brake
* Size: 26″ x 1??


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