AB Doer 360 – The Abs Workout Equipment for Total Core Exercise, Fat Burning, Toning and Fitness at Home


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* A Portable Gym – The secret lies in the Core Support Column that works every region of your mid-section, Dynamic Fluidity Seat to fire core muscles automatically, and the Dual-Acting Massage Rollers
* These make AB Doer 360 the ideal toner for lower and upper abs, as well as those love handle obliques
* Total Body Gains – AB Doer 360 is an effective, easy to do and fun workout machine for women and men of every size and age
* It’s ideal to exercise your core in the comfort of your own home
* Plus, it also tones and strengthens chest, back, hips, booty, thighs, and legs and, combined with the healthy eating plan, will help you lose weight
* WHAT’S INCLUDED? The AB Doer 360 includes 1 x AB Doer 360 Machine, 1 Motivational Calendar, 1 Instruction Manual with Healthy Eating Guide, and 1 Hardware Kit ?C Everything you need to Assemble and Use your AB DOER 360
* ABDOBICS Makeover – The AbDoer 360 ab trainer combines ab-toning and muscle shaping with aerobics into a fun, easy to do movement called Abdobics
* Created by motivational educator John Abdo, Abdobics lets you shed pounds and get the sensational washboard abs of your dreams and it’s more fun than you ever thought possible. It comes with Quick-Start Guide and Healthy Eating Plan
* Exercise Safely – Using dynamic seated workouts, this ab toner burns total body fat, builds and boosts aerobic stamina, enhances muscle tone and coordination, and improves core and back strength and flexibility to help trim your waistline, all in a safe, seated, effective movement without ever getting down on the cold hard floor to do a crunch



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