Cirkul Chill Sleeve & Comfort-Grip Lid for 22oz Bottle, Black


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Our most requested accessory is here! This black chill sleeve and cap combo is the perfect complement to your 22 ounce Cirkul water bottle. Find your favorite color so you always know which bottle is yours (and so your 5-year-old doesn’t drink your caffeinated GoSips).

— Choose your favorite color to personalize your bottle & make it yours!
— The insulated Black Chill Sleeve keeps your hands dry, your bottle insulated, & your water chilled so you can enjoy it wherever you are.
— Match your Black Chill Sleeve with the Black comfort-grip Lid that is easy to remove, clean, carry, & fit any of your favorite flavor cartridges!
— Bottle shown for display purpose only, and sold separately.
— You’re in luck, as this lid fits on many of the most popular wide-mouth bottles on the market.


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