Craftsman Premium Rubber 100ft. X 5/8. Inch Garden Hose


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A Garden Hose Built to Last Don’t drag that broken old garden hose through your yard for another summer. Instead, grab the heavy-duty 50-foot garden hose and forget about yards of tape, leaky couplings and pinholes that sap the pressure you need to wash the car or send water to a thirsty garden. A durable construction allows this garden hose to withstand hot water temperatures of up to 160??F, while being flexible and easy to use, down to -25??F, allowing you to use this hose in the garden, driveway, water heater flushing or… Drain can use a pool for the winter. No matter how you need to move your water, this heavy-duty garden hose is here to help. and forget about corroded clutches that require pliers to tighten and remove. Nickel plating on each of the hose ends ensures easy use for years to come. A solid piece of equipment you can rely on, get the water moving with handymen. Garden hose features a new concave hexagonal shape, durable rubber matrix, holds abrasion resistant, reinforc* ed radial tire cable, offers 500psi burst strength, shatterproof brass coupler
* Article number: ADIB00C7GS12Y
* Robust, slip-resistant brass couplings.
* General Warranty: Lifetime Glossary
* Power: Hose Action: Single jet Use: Above ground
* Diameter: 5/8 inch. – Kink Free/Resistant
* Hose Length: 50 feet


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