Daytona 5200 lb Single Axle Kit – 5.2K Capacity



Custom Axes Disclaimer: | All custom axle purchases are non-returnable and non-returnable. If your axle is over 96 inches, it is considered oversize and an additional fee will be charged prior to shipping depending on your location. | This 5.2k axis kit has everything you need! | What’s included: | 1 – 5.2 K idler axle | NOTE : The delivery time for a custom axle is 3-4 weeks. Please check the size chart in the images titled: ” | Min/Max Custom Axes Reference Chart | ” to ensure the size you require meets the guidelines provided. Also, please note that we will contact you to get the custom size you need. Therefore, please provide a working phone number when placing your order to avoid delays. | 2 – 2.5k 25.25″ 5 Leaf Dual Eye Springs | 2 – 2.5K U-Bolt Kits | 1 – Dual Eye Hanger Kit | If you are planning to build a new trailer for your business then this 5, 2-K Single Axle TK Trailer Kit will be the perfect choice.The kit comes with everything you need to get started including a fully assembled axle, double eye springs, U bolt kits and double eye trailer kit.With this kit you can build a utility trailer, landscaping trailer or a range of other trailer types. We know you’ll love how easy it all fits together and how fast your trailer will be on the road and working for you. Order yours today!|
Features: | Pre-assembled kit to ensure proper landing gear assembly | Trailer axles and suspension in OEM quality | Axles are delivered fully assembled | Packed with high temperature axle grease | Underslung – axle is welded to spring seats at the bottom | Allows for a lower ride height | EZ Lube Design | Removable rubber plug on hub cap with easy access to a greaseable Zerk fitting | Lubricate your axle without stripping the entire hub | Axle tube construction made of high-strength steel to ensure | Even tire wear | A better freeway experience | Designed for use on Light Duty Trailers | Utility, Boat, Car Hauler, ATV, Lawn and Landscape, Motorcycle, Grill Pit, Cargo, Closed, RV Trailer and More | Internal wiring system | To ensure a seamless design | Protect brake wires from wear | Please note: Differences between TK and Dexter axles: | Warranty | 5 years for Dexter axles | 7 years for TK axles | axle shape | Dexter is a corrugated tube | TK is straight or corrugated tube | hub shape | Dexter hub is star shaped | TK hub is a flat circle | Welds | TK axles: socket welds (40% stronger than leading competitors) | Competitor: butt welds | TK axles are CSA certified | All TK parts are fully Dexter interchangeable | To place a custom axle order, please call | at (833) 416-9400 | and our trailer parts experts are here to help. |


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