Expert Grill Stainless Steel Soft Grip BBQ Grill Tool Set, 10-Piece



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Master the grill with the Expert Grill Outdoor Cooking Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set. These tools feature soft plastic handles for ultimate comfort while cooking and are made of stainless steel for durability and dependable use in all seasons. Housed in a hard case, the set includes tongs for turning and picking up vegetables, chicken drumsticks, wings and drumsticks, and a variety of other grilled foods, a fork for turning small dishes, sausages and hot dogs, you can also test the doneness of meat, and a spatula with serrated edge that cuts and slits to drain juices from turned, turned or served roasts, a grill cleaning brush and four skewers. The Expert Grill Stainless Steel Handle Grill Tool Set for outdoor cooking makes a perfect gift for grill masters and grill novices alike. Ideal BBQ gifts for Christmas and birthday gifts for dads. These grilling tools are dishwasher safe, making them easy to care for and maintain.

— Tools constructed of food grade stainless steel and plastic for a long life of reliable use, ideal BBQ tools
— Comes with a handy hard shell storage case
— Includes a pair of locking tongs for flipping and transporting vegetables, chicken legs, wings, thighs, and a wide variety of other grilled foods. Grill tongs head has a narrower gap to provide a -multi-point contact can prevent falling and crushing food, Outfitted with a lock shut to save you space and hassle.
— Slotted spatula features a serrated edge that separates/cuts and slots to allow juices to drip away from flipped, turned, or served food
— Fork for turning small foods and sausages and hot dogs and works well to test the doneness of meats
— Basting brush for moistening and seasoning food during cooking
— 4 skewers for kebabs and smaller foods
— Grill cleaning brush helps keep grates maintained for improved performance
— Makes a great gift for the pit-master or beginning grillers alike


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