Grazon Next HL 2 Gallon



Excellent control of broadleaf weeds, offering better efficacy on over 100 of the hardiest weeds. Particularly tenacious on hard-to-kill perennials, including nightshade, Canada thistle, horse nettle and Texas bullnettle Cocklebur, dandelion, annual gorse, dock, verbena and ragweed, all together with suppression of encroaching scrub Excellent pre and post emergence control of many species, fescue, orchard and mixed native grasses Excellent tank mix partner with liquid fertilizer for a complete weed and forage control program Excellent tank mix partner with bush control products such as PastureGard HL herbicide or Remedy Ultra herbicide No grazing restrictions for each Type of livestock, including lactating dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goats and horses Is not a federally restricted use pesticide
* comes with no restriction for any kind of livestock, including beef cattle, goats, horses, nursing dairy animals, and sheep
* Rangeland, Permanent Grass Pastures, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres and Wildlife Management areas
* GrazonNext HL Herbicide is a broadleaf weed control product that will kill more than 100 different types of weeds, including the more difficult to kill perennials



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