Ladder AE3228 Extension Ladder, 28-Feet


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Industrial extendable aluminum ladder, 250 lbs capacity. level of responsibility. Features external slide rails, fully serrated D-rails for a non-slip surface, non-scratch rail end caps, quick-release rail locks for better secure operation, and rotating safety shoe, available in step-on or spike locations. This product is a 28ft aluminum ladder with 1 extension. Elegant design and smooth surface. This product is made in China.
* 250-Pound, load capacity, includes weight of user and tools
* Swivel safety shoes, extra heavy duty cast aluminum shoes with thick rubber tread
* Elegant design and smooth finish
* The product is manufactured in China
* This product adds a great value
* QuickLatch equipped runglock provides easier method of securing fly and base sections when extended
* Mar-resistant end caps, impact resistant, caps on top and bottom of fly section provide rail protection, longer life and durability
* The ladder meets or exceeds the safety standards set by ANSI, American National Standards Institute and OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration


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