MotorGuide X3 Foot Control Bow Mount Freshwater Trolling Motor 12V 45 Lb. Thrust


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Move your boat smoothly through the water with the 45-pound thrust of the MotorGuide X3 foot-steered, bow-mounted freshwater trolling motor. With fewer metal surfaces in contact, low noise levels are generated to avoid startling fish. This 12 volt trolling motor with foot controls is suitable for navigating swamps, lakes, ponds and other fresh water bodies. It’s housed in a durable, aircraft-grade aluminum mount that’s height-adjustable to suit your needs. It has a wide, stable design. The dual cable pull-pull system helps you steer your ship with precision. A three-blade Machete III Pro motor delivers 45 pounds of thrust to the foot-operated trolling motor, giving you all the power you need. The shaft and locking pins are made of a durable material that resists wear, water impact and impact, and the propeller cuts through weeds easily.

MotorGuide X3 Freshwater Trolling Motor w/Bow Foot Controls, 45 lb. Thrust, 12V:

* Aircraft quality extruded aluminum bracket
* The larger diameter composite shaft is paired with a heavy duty and corrosion resistant outer shaft made from heavy duty stainless steel
* Precise responsive steering
* Dual cable pull-pull steering system and a more reinforced foot pedal
* 3-blade professional Machete III motor in bow-mounted, foot-operated trolling motor, 45 lb thrust
* Less metal-to-metal contact for less noise
* Durable composite shaft and locking pins
* Height adjustable bracket


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