Pawhut Wooden Hen House Backyard Chicken Coop with Outdoor Run and Nesting Box Brown


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The Pawhut Outdoor Chicken Coop Kit is the perfect home for chickens. This house stands directly on the ground, so your pets can feel the grass between their toes or claws. The roof can be opened from above to allow easy access to your animals. The living area provides a safe and secure place to sleep for your pets. The chicken nest box comes with a divider so you can decide if you want one large room or two smaller ones. Our backyard chicken coop kit is made from fully treated and grooved fir wood that has been coated with a water-based preservative. Safety features include lockable metal latch doors and a galvanized wire guide to protect animals from predators. Hinged doors, attached nesting boxes for chickens and a ramp provide ample in and out access. With a great combination of durability, style and function, this Pawhut chicken coop is the perfect home for your birds without breaking the bank.

* The top of the living area opens up for easy pet access
* Outer barrel gives room to roam
* The nesting box has a removable partition
* 2 sleeping bars for extra comfort
* Pull-out manure tray for easy cleaning
* The ramp allows the animal to enter the inner box
* Structured roof protects animals from most weather conditions

* Color: natural wood
* Materials: fir wood, galvanized wire
* Overall dimensions: 75″L x 32″D x 41″H
* Egg carton dimensions: 16″H x 28″W x 14″D
* Outdoor run dimensions: 37″L x 30″D x 28″H
* Nest size: 41″H x 24″L x 32″D
* Net Weight: 60 lbs
* Assembly required
NOTE: Buyer must determine the number of pets that will fit in the coop based on their breed and size.


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