Redcat Racing 1/10 Gen9 International Scout 800A Blue RER15517 Trucks Electric Off-Road


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RedCat have designed many of their own vehicles lately and the Gen9 is a great example of their ingenuity and attention to detail. Packed with key features, the Gen9 features a two-speed transmission, redesigned portal axles, precise suspension geometry with smooth steering, new high-grip tires, high-torque steering servo, adjustable wheelbase, and highly detailed bodywork with a rear pivot design .

When you look at the Gen9, you can’t help but notice the carefully crafted, officially licensed International Scout 800A body. The body is cast in three separate pieces, allowing for a more realistic, full-depth interior. The body is internally braced and uses a rear locking pivot mechanism with double quarter-turn locks up front. This system reliably secures the body in place and allows for easy removal if necessary. The sides of the body tuck neatly into the injection molded plastic rock sliders for minimal hanging over jagged rocks. We also included a lot of injection molded plastic details that really make this bodywork stand out.

Inside you’ll find an injection molded dashboard, seats, pedals, shifter, door levers, window cranks, a detachable steering wheel and Redcat even added a turn signal lever on the steering column. The exterior includes an injection molded roll cage, rock sliders, bumpers, side mirrors, door handles, wipers, front grille, headlight and taillight nacelles. This is a very detailed body.

The Gen9 was designed to hold 14 LED lights out of the box. While the lights are sold separately, there’s space for two dashboards, four headlights, two taillights, two reverse lights, and four rocklights in the fender wells

* 2-speed gearbox allows switching between two different gear ratios
* Highly detailed realistic LED lighting hardware
* Easily adjust your wheelbase from 312-336mm (12.3″-13.2″)
* Portal axles offer more ground clearance without the need for larger tires
* Chassis-mounted Hexfly Torque-Spec Coreless Digital Steering Servo


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