Rhino 2-Person 17.5 ft. Ladder Stand with Enclosure


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* Weight: 97 lbs.
* Stand height: 17.5 ft.
* Seat height: 18 in.
* Seat platform: 39.75 in. x 12 in.
* Foot platform: 40 in. x 26.50 in.
* Weight capacity: 2 Person-500lbs.
* 17.5 ft. ladder stand provides an elevated platform to hunt from
* Easily attach to a tree with the two included looped ratchet straps for safety
* Ladder is sleeved and pinned for ease of set-up and safety
* Padded seat folds up to provide full access to the foot platform
* Padded seat back and cushion for optimal comfort
* Ladder support bar is adjustable
* Roof kit protects you from the elements
* Edge camo on the seat and enclosure help keep you hidden
Meets ASTM standards
* Includes: 2 fall arrest systems, padded arm rest, 2 rachet straps, and roof kit
* Country of Origin : Imported


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