Transducer Mount Bowducer for Tracker Boat, VersaTrack Rail Mounting


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Complete transducer mounting system for Garmin LVS32, LVS34 and Lowrance Active Target transducers. Premium solid aluminum baseplate with 48″ downrod and 12-18″ extendable handle for convenient use.

* Rigid to approx. 4.5 mph (magnetic systems 3.5 mph) Tear off/lift off function if it accidentally hits underwater obstacles. Very quick to remove from the water – even if something gets stuck! Can be completely removed from the boat (for bridging) in the time it takes to unbolt the transducer cable. Turns easily and reliably in any direction. Uses shear bolts that prevent damage to the lower bar or converter if you hit something. Can be deployed (and retrieved just as quickly) in about 1 second. Uses only gravity to hold the bottom bar in the shell (eliminating the need for locking pins, thumbscrews, clips, etc.). Allows the downrod/converter assembly to be used in multiple locations or even when ice and/or dock fishing Downrod which in turn protects your investment Does not tip into the boat leaving your deck clear and no tripping hazard The quick and easy grip allows the Users determine where the giver is looking.
* Easy to use with the following Tracker series boats with Verstrack mounting rails:
* Grizzly Panfish 16
* per 160
* per 170
* ProTeam 175 TF and TXW
* ProTeam 175
* TXW Tournament Edition
* ProTeam 190TX and TX Tournament Edition
* Instructions v-16 Laker
* ProGuide V Series 165 and 175


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