Viagrow VPER4 cu. ft Perlite Made in USA, 1* Pack, White


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[SUSTAINABLE, MADE IN AMERICA] Viagrow Perlite is one of the most sustainable substrates, perfect for propagation and greenhouse cultivation. Perlite is a naturally mined mineral that is heated during processing, causing its particles to burst and expand in volume. The result is a magnificent, inorganic, soilless medium. All Viagrow Perlites are mined, heated and packaged in the USA.
[NEURTAL pH] Viagrow Perlite is clean, sterile, non-flammable, pH neutral, odorless, non-toxic and will not decay or shrink.
[MIXING] Viagrow Perlite can be mixed with organic compost, natural soil or composted bark and helps anchor the roots of young plants so they grow healthy and strong.
[DRAINAGE] Viagrow Horticultural Perlite retains water and nutrition for the growing plants, it is best used for drainage purposes. Good potting soil usually contains at least 25 percent perlite for good drainage.
[LIGHTWEIGHT] Viagrow Horticultural Perlite is a lightweight substitute for sand, is very useful in hydroponic garden systems, it is perfect for seed germination and cutting propagation.


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