Whirlpool * 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer with AutoDry Drying System [ White ]


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Ensure a smooth laundry day with this large flat-back dryer that fits into tight spaces like closets or small utility rooms. This top-load dryer offers enough space to easily handle large loads while helping to reduce damage from over-drying with the AutoDry drying system. With the Wrinkle Shield option, which swirls intermittently for up to 90 minutes after the program ends, clothes stay looking good even after the program has ended to prevent wrinkles from settling in your clothes.

* Easily operate your dryer
Rear panel dial controls offer easy operation.

* Save time between loads with an end-of-cycle signal
Know exactly when it’s time to remove your load with an audible signal.

* 5.9 cu. capacity.
Large capacity so you can complete your laundry in fewer loads.

* Dry your garments and linens with 1 of 14 cycles
Cycles are designed to help you dry a wide variety of items. Includes Damp Dry, Delicates, Energy Preferred, Timed Dry and more.

* Choose from 4 temperature settings.
Select the right drying temperature for your clothes

* AutoDry Sensor Drying System
Help prevent overdrying with the AutoDry drying system that senses when clothes have reached the right moisture content and stops the cycle.



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